Modokot (pronounced "moh-doh-kot") is an Asian American, woman-owned soft goods company based in San Francisco, California. All pieces are handmade in small batches.



Over the years, I've saved up all my scraps and it only feels right to highlight them in this way. Patchworking is the process of sewing different pieces of fabric in various shapes together to create a larger piece. What I love most about patchworking is that not one panel is the same, making each bag so unique and truly one of a kind. This also means less fabric scraps in landfill, too. It's a very time consuming process and requires so much attention to detail.

I found myself spending a lot of time just sorting through scraps and figuring out a system to sew them in the right order. Then countless more hours to figure out how to get the panels to lay flat without top stitching (this was really hard, especially with the Ultragrid fabric!). Ultimately each bag took about 3x longer than usual to make, but it was so worth it! A true labor of love. I hope you enjoy!




video produced, filmed, and edited by Katelyn Abreu

We're featured in the SF Chronicle!


written by alan chazaro

  • "I literally lost my breath when I brought it out the packaging. Like you gasp and then forget to breathe? Ya I was stuck like that... Your vision goes so hard. Thank you again for bringing this to life."
    - Leland

  • This new Adapt bag is just the perfect bag for me. I needed to get away from my backpack and this bag fits all my essentials! 4 inch Swiss Army knife, 2 sets of house keys, pepper spray, rescue inhaler, lip balm, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, roll of TUMS, library card, cash, a reusable shopping bag, my pen and my iPhone 14 Pro that has a Popsocket wallet attached to it. Thanks Amy!
    - Linda Q

  • "My Modokot bag is not part of my wardrobe anymore, it's just part of me 😝"
    - Jason

  • "I so appreciate functionality and aesthetic. I am a consumer who knows if I really like the item, I use it for a very long period. I don't switch bags often unless I need more or less space but I'm kinda lazy, lol. I'm comfortable spending for great quality. I knew your bag would hit all those points."
    - Erline

  • "The sling bag that you made is amazing for a dog mom like myself. Quality - I can hook my dog's poop bags, clip his treats and fit my phone, keys, and wallet. Quality and craftsmanship is ahmazing."
    - Donna

  • "I kept my ID, metro card, and phone in the sling easily accessible, even while wearing my backpack on the train from the airport at 2am so I could reach for things more easily. It's perfect size and I feel cute."
    - Jennifer

  • "Your sling has been in use every day since I got it. Even had coffee spilt all over already and just washed right off. Vietnamese coffee with sticky condensed milk and everything."
    - Anthony

  • "What I love about your business is that it's very clear who you are and what and why you do the work. For me, I think it's the basis of a thriving business. It helps focus the owner and brings people to you because they like the story and what you stand for."
    - Janine

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