Modokot (pronounced "moh-doh-kot") is an Asian American, woman-owned soft goods company based in San Francisco, California. All pieces are handmade in small batches.


We're featured in the SF Chronicle!


written by alan chazaro


video produced, filmed, and edited by Alexander Lim

  • “For the record, it could’ve been some other random product you were selling and I would’ve copped it anyway to support you and your biz endeavors. But now that I have the product in hand, I’m just thoroughly impressed. From the stitch work to the material. I can tell it was made skillfully.”

  • "My Modokot bag is not part of my wardrobe anymore, it's just part of me 😝"

  • "What I love about your business is that it's very clear who you are and what and why you do the work. For me, I think it's the basis of a thriving business. It helps focus the owner and brings people to you because they like the story and what you stand for."

  • "I stay putting the straps inside the back pocket when I am not using it! I also like to clip my knife to the inside. It's great. Just used it for a walk with the puppy. Keeps all my stuff safe and not falling out of my shorts or sweats pockets."

  • "I kept my ID, metro card, and phone in the sling easily accessible, even while wearing my backpack on the train from the airport at 2am so I could reach for things more easily. It's perfect size and I feel cute."

  • "Your sling has been in use every day since I got it. Even had coffee spilt all over already and just washed right off. Vietnamese coffee with sticky condensed milk and everything."

  • "I usually don't use wallets, but this one is my everyday!"

  • "I so appreciate functionality and aesthetic. I am a consumer who knows if I really like the item, I use it for a very long period. I don't switch bags often unless I need more or less space but I'm kinda lazy, lol. I'm comfortable spending for great quality. I knew your bag would hit all those points."

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