Modokot (pronounced "moh-doh-kot") is an Asian American, woman-owned soft goods company based in San Francisco, California. Every piece is designed and handmade in small batches by Amy Guan in her studio, prioritizing functionality and keeping a minimalistic aesthetic in mind.

The name ‘Modokot’ is an ode to Amy's grandmother who raised her and her two sisters. Growing up, the phrase 'modokot' was used often by their grandmother, which means "nothing goes to waste" in their native Chinese dialect.

Amy carries this "do not waste" mentality with her in many parts of her own life and in the pieces she creates. After 7+ years working in the corporate tech industry, Amy left her 9 to 5 to pursue Modokot full time in 2021. Amy's hope for this brand is to be a reminder for others to not let their own talents and passions go to waste.

Want to know more? Follow Amy on her journey with Modokot on instagramYou can also read Modokot's feature in the San Francisco Chronicle, or listen to Amy's chat on Ripstop by the Roll's podcast.